Meet EmieJames

Every story has a fresh beginning. EmieJames, a new shop is opening in Eden next to Carlos and Harley’s restaurant. The creative team of Lisa Pack, Marné Grange and Emily Hogg is delighted to help celebrate the stories of your life and home. Everyone’s life story is unique. EmieJames wants to celebrate its customers’ individual style by providing contemporary jewelry, beautiful floral arrangements and the latest home décor and one of a kind gifts.

“We want EmieJames to be a place where people take away more than just what’s in their shopping bag,” said co-owner Emily Hogg. “Our vision is to provide a personalized and authentic life style experience that will inspire our customers. We’re excited to get to know our clients personally and help them reach their style ideals. ”

The historic Victorian house that EmieJames calls home has been a part of the Ogden valley since 1894. Elijah Wilbur purchased the plans from the first model home at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and built it in Eden the following year. Its classic artistry adds a peaceful vibe to the charming atmosphere of the store

“I hope people will find EmieJames a welcoming gathering place,” said Lisa Pack. “We view every customer as a new friend. I look forward to having complimentary drinks in the fridge and fresh baked cookies to offer to those who are just popping in to see what’s new or spending the afternoon with one of our designers selecting just the right home décor.”

EmieJames is excited to operate a full service floral shop. From the whimsical dahlia to the classical rose EmieJames knows flowers. The floral arrangements are unique to each setting and season. Each bud and blossom is chosen to enhance the magic of life’s monumental moments.

“Flowers are such a beautiful part of life,” said Marné Grange. “The floral subscription program has proven to be very popular and rewarding. My favorite has been weddings. We had a full schedule of weddings this summer and I loved them all. From quaint outdoor receptions to elegant ceremonies held in country clubs and reception halls, each one was planned and prepared with the style and flair of the bride and groom.”

Come be a part of the EmieJames story.


EmieJames, Lisa Pack, Emily Hogg, Marne' Grange

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