Rosie Weekend

For most people the thought of losing both sight and hearing is inconceivable. For Rosemary Smith of Huntsville it became a reality sixteen years ago. Her energetic personality has refused to allow these impairments to slow her down.

Instead of focusing on what she could no longer do she placed her attention on learning and developing new talents. Quilting, crocheting and knitting began to fill her free time.

“The quilts that Rosemary makes are works of art,” said Eric Zenger. “It’s amazing how she does it without being able to see.”

Rosemary is famous for the high quality washcloths and scrubbies she knits and crochets. She has given away hundreds of them to family members and close friends. “It makes me happy to share my work with others,” said Rosemary.

“Rosemary is an angel from heaven,” says close friend Emily Hogg. “Her smiles and laughter are infectious. The enthusiasm she has for life is inspiring.”

When asked why she is so happy Rosemary replied, “It’s because of my sweet husband, Scott and my wonderful friends. I love my life in the valley.”

One of Rosemary’s dearest friends, Kim Iverson passed away four years ago. It was a devastating loss and true to her nature Rosemary looked for something that she could create to honor her close friend.

“Kim loved bees and that’s where I got my inspiration,” said Rosemary. “I found a pattern for knitting a bee and went to work.”

She practiced and perfected the technique and soon had knitted several bees. It was a spiritual moment for her when she placed one of the first ones on Kim’s resting place in the Huntsville cemetery.

Rosemary has since knitted many more bees and they can be seen buzzing around her friends’ kitchens and Christmas trees.

To see Rosemary’s bees and to purchase some of her scrubbies and washcloths visit EmieJames in Eden, Utah.

November 17-18 EmieJames is giving 20% of ALL sales back to Rosemary. These proceeds will go towards her buying a new braille machine. 

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