Olly Ball Slugger

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The Indoor Play Ball™

This all started in 2014 when our kids were playing ball in the house and broke things. This set our family on a quest to create a ball that kids, and parents, could play with in the house. Over the course of five years, this one simple wish for our kids grew a kitchen table hobby into an obsession, a trademark, a U.S. Patent, and a the rest is the beginning of our history!

It's time to PLAY BALL IN THE HOUSE®!!! Hit it hard, kick it full-speed indoors without breaking windows, marking up your walls, or leaving a nasty bruise! The 12 inch re-inflatable ball, with Patent-pending KrunchCOR®, construction, absorbs the impact from a full-speed hits and kicks.

• Patented KrunchCOR construction absorbs impact, will NOT BREAK WINDOWS!
• COLOR-IN your Ollyball with any marker or crayon!
• Shell made from high-performance kite material
• Easily inflate or deflate with the included straw. Ships deflated.
• Great for rainy days, snowy days and parties!

The Colorable Ball™


Olly Ball Slugger

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