Forget Age, It's All About Sparkle: Gifts to Make Her Shine

Today we are showcasing some of the very best gifts for the women in your life!

1. One of a kind Home Decor- Here at emiejames we strive to bring in items that are unique and classy. 

2. Candles- Candles are appropriate for many occasions, from birthdays and holidays to congratulations or "just because." Candles provide many hours of enjoyment. 

3. E+E Collection- Our E+E Collection is unique and fun. We have everything from wall hangings to tabletop decorations. 

4. Kitchen Items- Upgrade their culinary creations! A new kitchen tool can spark joy and inspire them in the kitchen.

5. Jewelry- Gift her the confidence to shine! Jewelry adds a touch of sparkle and makes her feel special on her birthday and every day after.

6. Clothing- A well-chosen outfit can make someone feel stylish and put-together, giving them a birthday gift of extra confidence.

7. Accessories- Accessorize her style! The perfect birthday gift to add a touch of personality.

8. Books- A book is a gift that continues to give over time. Books add knowledge, experience, and acts as a conversation starter for many. 

9. EJ Workshop- Here at EJ we offer workshops every month. By giving a workshop as a gift this allows you to make memories and celebrate together. 

10. EJ Gift Card- In the end if you are buying a gift for someone that you simply do not know what they would want and enjoy most, skip the guessing game! A gift card lets them pick exactly what they want for their birthday.

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