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Women to Women Foundation

Local Non-Profit Foundation that "brings single mothers hope... one scholarship at a time."

Rosemary Smith

100% of "Rosie Sales" are donated directly to Rosie Smith. A local and inspirational blind women striving for a new braile machine. 

Building the Community

Supporting our lovely Ogden Valley Community through school donations, foundations and events.

“Bringing single mothers scholarship at a time”

-Women to Women Foundation


Women to Women Foundation

EmieJames was formed with the purpose to help women "Celebrate Life and Home". That mission continues to drive us... in our products, events, and givebacks. 

The Women to Women Foundation is a local non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to single mothers. These scholarships are dramatically and permanently improving the financial security of these families.

 In the Fall of 2018 EmieJames headed the first annual Shop Hop involving 20+ retail stores along the Wasatch Front. All of the participating stores donated 10% of their sales during the 2-day event. We were able to provide 13 Scholarships for single mothers. Along with the Shop Hop EmieJames continues to contribute to the Women to Women Foundation through supporting and donating to their annual event.

Rosemary Smith

Sweet Rosemary Smith is a local Ogden Valley Resident. Recently she was diagnosed with a rare condition that has made her loose her vision and go partially deaf. Determined and full of optimism Rosemary has continued expanding her love and talent of knitting. She makes the world's best kitchen scrubbies, dish towels, and adorable bumble bees. 

EmieJames sells and gives 100% of  the proceeds from "Rosie products" to Rosemary who is now working towards a new braile machine. We also hold "Rosie Days" where 20% of our sales are also donated to Rosemary.