Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle 

Raspberry cheesecake trifle is a delicious and refreshing dessert that is perfect for any occasion. It is made with layers of pound cake, whipped cream, cream cheese filling, and fresh raspberries. The combination of sweet and tart flavors is irresistible, and the creamy texture is simply divine. 

The Recipe


Cream Cheese Filling:

16 ounces cream cheese, softened

2 cups powdered sugar

1 cup sour cream

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp almond extract

1 C heavy cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 Tbs powdered sugar

Raspberry Sauce:

4 cups raspberries, fresh or frozen

⅔ cup granulated sugar

3 Tablespoons cornstarch

⅛ teaspoon of salt


1 angel food cake round, cut into 1 inch cubes Or 1 1⁄2 angel food cakes loaves


Cream cheese filling:

In a large mixing bowl beat cream cheese and powdered sugar. Beat in the sour cream, vanilla

and almond extract. 

In a small bowl whip the heavy cream, vanilla and sugar until stiff. 

Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture. 

Raspberry Sauce:

In a medium saucepan, heat the raspberries over medium heat until they soften and their juices start to release, about 3-4 minutes. In a separate bowl, combine the sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Add mixture to the raspberries and continue cooking until it begins to thicken, about 2-3 minutes. Pour into a shallow bowl and place in the refrigerator to cool completely.

Cut cake into cubes.

Layer into a trifle bowl, starting with a layer of cake/cream cheese

mixture, then layer of raspberry sauce. Continue layering, ending with sauce and fresh raspberries.

*Can make in a 9x13 or in individual serving cups 

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