The Perfect Holiday Wreath

The holidays are around the corner and nothing makes our homes more welcoming than a gorgeous fresh wreath. We at emiejames love fresh wreaths. They add an extra amount of warmth and class to our homes, and if we are being honest we don't make them just for the holidays. All year long we are trying to find any reason or excuse to make a fresh wreath. It truly is therapeutic for us. We hope you will fall in love with it as well. 

Here is a list of greens and supplies you will need to make the perfect holiday wreath:

  1. 2 bundles of Pines (we like to use different kinds of pines to add different color and textures)
  2. 1 bundle of Boxwood (about 10 stems)
  3. 1 bundle of Magnolia Leaves (about 10 stems)
  4. Wreath Wire Ring (12"-18")
  5. Paddle Wire 
  6. Floral hand clippers 

Now before you get a little anxious on how or where you are going to get these greens let us teach you a little trick. Look out your window, do you see any gorgeous pine trees, boxwood bushes or even a magnolia tree? If you do, guess what... you can cut them and use them. Now if you're anything like me (Marne') you are in shock right now. The first time that Emily taught me I could just walk out in my yard and trim my pine trees, or anything in my yard for that matter, and use them I was stunned. It has changed my life, and let me warn you that you will never look at trees or plants the same way. So if you have access to any of the greens feel free to clip away. But let's be sure we keep everything legal. We don't want to be getting any calls from the police saying that so and so said, "emiejames said I could.". If you don't have any greens you can cut that is just fine. You can come visit emiejames or your local florist and purchase whatever greens you need.

Now let's create this beautiful wreath. 

1. Create a loop on your wreath ring: string your wire through one of the wreath ring "bridges" and loop back around and twist together. Don't cut your wire. You will not cut your wire until the very end. 

Fresh Wreath Tutorial, Step one in making a fresh wreath create a wire loop through wire ring.

2. Create your first bundle & Wire it on: When you create a bundle you want to try to make a hand or a high five with the mixture of greens. We typically use the pines as the base for the bundle and then add in the boxwood and magnolia on top and on the sides to create a shape of a hand. Pay attention to your first bundle because you will want to keep the same thickness and height for your other bundles. Then angle your bundle on the ring in the right shape and direction you want. Next wire your bundle on tight. Make sure you pull the wire tight, tight, tight. If you don't your wreath will fall and be miss shaped once it dries. 

Fresh Wreath, Fresh Holiday Wreath, Fresh Holiday wreath making class, Step 2: Create your first bundle and wire it on.

3. Create another bundle and wire it on top of the first bundle: Create your second bundle. Remember to try and keep it the same thickness and height as your first bundle. Then place your second bundle on top of your first bundle. You want the top of the second bundle to cover the bottom of the first bundle. Don't overlap it too much or your wreath will be too thick and you will run out of product. 

Holiday Fresh Wreath, Third Step, How to make your fresh holiday wreath 

4. Continue making your bundles and wiring them on: Depending on the size of wreath you are making you will create about 8-12 bundles. 

Fresh Holiday Wreath, How to Make a Fresh Holiday Wreath

5. The Finished Product: You will know when you are on your last bundle because the second to last bundle will almost be touching your first bundle. Create your last bundle. Lift up your first bundle and slide your last bundle underneath your first bundle. Your last bundle should still overlap the bottom of your second to last bundle. Wire it on tight and then un string your wire about 6" long and cut it. Yes you are going to finally cut your wire. Lift up your gorgeous wreath and twist the end of your wire through the other wires on the back so it's nice and tight.

Fresh Holiday Wreath, emiejames wreath making tutorial, how to make a fresh holiday wreath, final step in making a fresh wreath.   

Enjoy your gorgeous wreath and don't forget the ribbon

Fresh Holiday Wreath, emiejames, emiejames fresh holiday wreath, DIY Fresh Holiday Wreath, Make your own Fresh Holiday Wreath.

Remember to tag us in your creations or email us your pictures. 

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