Refresh your Space - 

5 ways to update your home in 2024

Refreshing your space can mean and involve a number of different aspects of your home. Today we want to hone in on updating your decor to make your space feel fresh and new. Breathing new life into your home decor for the new year is a fantastic way to usher in a fresh start and reinvigorate your living space. 

Start Here

1. Declutter and deep clean- Give your space a thorough decluttering, purging anything unused or no longer sparking joy. Donate, sell, or recycle unwanted items (Click to see our previous blog post on decluttering)

Then, deep clean every nook and cranny, focusing on often-neglected areas like baseboards, ceiling fans, and windowsills. A clutter-free and sparkling clean environment instantly feels more calming and inviting.

2. Accessorize with intention- Swap out old throw pillows, blankets, and rugs for ones with fresh patterns and textures. Introduce new decorative elements like vases, candles, or artwork that reflect your personal style. 

3. Paint- A new coat of paint can work wonders for any room. Choose a light and airy color to brighten up your space or go for a bolder hue to make a statement.

4. Upgrade textiles- Invest in new curtains, blinds, or bedsheets. Choose materials and colors that complement your existing decor and bring a touch of luxury to your space. Textural elements like velvet or linen can add depth and visual interest.

5. Add a statement piece- Make a big impact with a unique statement piece like a funky armchair, a vintage credenza, or a striking chandelier. Choose something that reflects your personality and adds a touch of drama to your space.

Now don't worry... We aren't going to leave you to do this all on your own. Below we will share some of our favorite products and accessorize that will help to refresh and update your space! 



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Add Texture

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Statement Pieces

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