Charlie the Duck Wall Mount

Charlie the Duck Wall Mount

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Brand New Release - Charlie. Say Hello to the flying duck Charlie. We can't get over his little aviator helmet. The detail is phenomenal on our wall mounts. Charlie has easily became one of our best sellers and everyone is loving the fun adventurous spirit he brings into their home.  Add Charlie to your family today. 

Dimensions: 6.75" W x 7.5" D x 18"H 

Made of metal

How to Hang: We want you to love your wall mounts! Hanging our adorable E&E wall mounts is actually quite simple. We have found this to be the best hanging method if you can't hang your wall mount on a stud in your wall. 

Drill a pilot hole into the wall, tap a plastic anchor (Molly anchor) insert into the drilled hole. (these come with your new friend).  This anchor has sharp tips that helps grip the dry wall so you do not have to drill into the stud of the wall. Drill a screw into the plastic anchor. Place your newest family member from the E&E collections. We have had great success with this method. 

If you need further assistance feel free to contact our EJ team. 

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